11/6 discussion ideas: black cats, Netflix, obits and supermarkets

Some article possibilities from today’s New York Times:

-“Farm towns that produce beef, corn and greens to feed the world are becoming America’s unlikeliest food deserts as traditional grocery stores are forced out by fewer shoppers and competition from dollar store chains. Their exodus has left rural towns worried about how they can hold on to their families, businesses and their future if there is nowhere to buy even a banana.”

-A woman who called 911 after a bullet punched through her car’s rear window in Coral Springs, Fla., waited so long for help that she finally drove herself to the police station. Why the delay?  The 911 supervisor was busy watching Netflix, according to the internal disciplinary report.

-From the obits, novelist Ernest Gaines (The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman) dies at 86 and playwright William B Branch (A Letter from Booker T, and In Splendid Error) dies at 92.

-A black cat ran onto the field at MetLife Stadium and the Giants never recovered.

-Also, air pollution in New Delhi, India has become so dire that the government declared a public health emergency, shutting primary schools for days.  NASA satellite images show large swaths of India’s northern plains smothered by haze, and streets are blanketed in an opaque haze.

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