Nov. 4, 2019 – discussion ideas

If you’re thinking about starting news meetings with your class, today is a great day to begin.  Lots of great starting-point stories to discuss:

-a story out of Indonesia about jellyfish who have evolved in isolation and lost their ability to sting humans, only now they are at risk because of a growing number of tourists and swimmers bumping them, a death sentence for the fragile species.

-from London, a musician loses his 18th century violin when it is left on a train, now returned.

-always remember the obit section: mathematician John Tate dies at age 91.

-teens love TikTok and that’s why Silicone Valley is worried about its lame efforts to dethrone the app from China.

-More than 20 years ago, a breakout squash performance by a 19-year-old in Egypt started a craze there for the previously unpopular sport, and now the Egyptians rule the squash world.

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