Other stories from this week

This week, we also discussed the wildfires in California, particularly as they threatened the Getty museum (and, one student noted, ‘LeBron’s house’). The discussion was interesting.  Why were the intense winds spreading the fires — wouldn’t wind just blow out a fire?  (This is Montessori gold, and definitely a lead-in to the work of the wind.)  Is there a way to build a wall between the cities and the forested areas?

We also talked about the Chicago teachers’ strike, then in its tenth day, and the reasons teachers walked out of their classrooms.  Students noted some similarities between the lack of resources in Chicago and conditions at their own school.

Other topics: the killing of the ISIS leader, the booing of the president at the World Series game and the auction of a $40 million diamond despite accusations that it had been stolen.

Coming up, a great one from the Science section: Zombie flies!

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