Las Vegas shooting, advice and resources

At least 50 dead and at least 200 injured at Las Vegas concert last night. There’s lots of video being broadcast and available online of this; I’d strongly suggest avoiding all of it in your classroom.

This is also the time to share important advice with students about watching graphic videos of news events available online.  Mine goes something like this: “There are some things you can’t unsee. And they stay with you a long time, sometimes forever.  It seems so easy when you’re sitting in front of the computer to just click that link, to watch that video.  But remember: once you see it, sometimes you can’t unsee it. It’s usually not worth it.  So please think first. Talk with your parents if you accidentally see something that you now can’t unsee, something disturbing or that bothers you. Or talk to me.  But my advice is: don’t click on it to begin with.  You don’t have to see everything.  And there are things you can’t unsee.”

Otherwise, have to share the facts as they’re known forthrightly and answer questions honestly.  It’s always helpful to follow Mr. Rogers’ advice and focus on the helpers,, as well as anything you as a class can do to help (or what other schools are doing to help)..

Here’s a link to what is known so far:

A few resources for discussing difficult topics:

I’ll post more as the day goes on.

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