Does a river have rights? Quick look, Sept. 27, 2017

Probable news meeting topics based on quick look at today’s New York Times:

  • Lawsuit filed in Denver on behalf of the Colorado River, suing the state and its governor for violating the river’s “right to exist, flourish, regenerate, be restored, and naturally evolve. For it to move forward, it seems a judge would have to recognize the river as a person. It appears the chances are slim, bot “not laughable.” Supporters argue that if a corporation can have rights, a waterway can too. Courts in other countries have agreed. (A14)
  • More updates from Puerto Rico on hurricane aftermath, front page and inside spread, plus poll results showing 54 percent of Americans know that someone born in Puerto Rico is a US citizen.
  • Art section, page C2, art museum opens in Tokyo for Yayoi Kusama, so even the bathrooms are covered in polka dots. Great background about how she started painting and also how she worked in a military factory at age 13, sewing parachutes during WWII. Lots of great discussion/enrichment potential.

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