Quick look, Sept. 26. 2017

Ideas for today’s news meeting, based on quick look at today’s New York Times:

  • Sadly, more devastation from Mexico and continued distress in Puerto Rico. Yesterday’s discussion dovetailed nicely with unit on government (what it means to be a state, particularly in terms of representation in Congress). We also have students who still not have received word from relatives in Puerto Rico, so this remains high on our discussion list. Must of the island is still without power, water and fuel so we are trying to imagine our lives without those basics. Today’s article details include residents of senior apartment having to make do with limited food and climb 14 flights of stairs to get anything, and residents of coastal city collecting rain and waiting for water delivery. Also includes background on being a commonwealth.
  • Mexico earthquake story also touches on personal stories of immigration and could be good bridge to that topic later.
  • Remember Tuesday is Science section day! Don’t miss the great stuff on praying mantis attacking birds, narrow gene pool of chocolate, and study that may (or may not) reveal whether dogs have self-awareness.

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