Quick look, Sept. 20, 2017

Stories we will probably discuss at today’s news meeting, based upon quick look at today’s New York Times:

  • Earthquake in Mexico, front page with photos inside and map.
  • Hurricane Maria approaching Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.
  • Great front page story for older students about professor investigating 1965 brutal death of civil rights activist who also negotiated Muhammad Ali’s first contract, but it’s a bit mature for my class and we haven’t started civil rights unit yet, so may save?
  • Inside Sports section, article on brain risks of playing tackle football before age 12, but it’s based on a limited study and part of a larger story, so probably will pass for now.
  • Maybe just for fun: about $120,000 cut up and flushed down toilets in Geneva, Switzerland, discovered after the bills began clogging pipes, Business section.
  • Aha, perfect! Inside front section: the Disney hit Moana is being shown in New Zealand, translated into indigenous language of New Zealand. Includes debate about whether the story of Polynesian princess was sensitive to the Maori, whose mythologies are included. (And we recently had a guest speaker about indigenous languages dying and efforts to save them in Mexico so this is a great story for us.) It has solid detail, further research opportunities and is highly-relatable. Also incorporates map skills and culture awareness, so I’d recommend for everyone.

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