A quick look, Sept. 7, 2017

Today’s quick look at The New York Times shows me we will probably tackle:

  • A Dutch City Can’t Keep Up With Bikers’ Demands about the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands which built the world’s largest bicycle parking garage. More than a quarter of all trips in the Netherlands are made by bike and there are more bikes than people. The new biking garage (with more than 6,000 spots) allows cyclists to check in and find their spots while riding, with sensors on the bike rack giving real-time information so it’s easier to find a spot during rush hour. Great photos and background, but definitely summarize because it’s bogged down in parts. Also good for using map.
  • Amazing spread on Harvey aftermath, especially article on how to move mountains of storm debris. There are more than 100,000 piles of debris, each more than a person tall. Great math potential. Also on next page, no need for a category six for hurricanes. (And of course update on Irma.

I like both of these for great discussion potential. For my quick mentions, I would make note of Dreamers on front page, North Korea on A7, refugees on A11, National Cathedral removing windows that honor Confederate generals on A15, just to start to lay groundwork for future discussions.

Also might point out for interested students the 1200 foot long cargo ship entering the New York harbor and possibly New York offering free lunches to ALL students, A23.

Would have to skip top models talking about race, body issues in Style but might point out/mention business story about Hollywood being mad at the website Rotten Tomatoes, saying the reviews hurt business.

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