Quick look, Sept. 6, 2017

I had hoped to focus today’s discussion on the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, called the Dreamers, program. But none of today’s articles (we subscribe to the New York Times) are clear enough for me ask my upper elementary students to read. Instead, I’m going to have to pull bits and pieces from the three articles on today’s front page and summarize then in a sort of overview. I’ll get back to you with how that looks.

Otherwise, my quick look shows me we will probably talk about

  • Hurricane Irma (page A14) and track it on our large classroom wall map.
  • I like the Jacindamania story on pg A4 just because it includes the ‘mania’ suffix we are talking about in Greek roots and we can find New Zealand on our map.
  • A Sign of Poverty in South France: Not Knowing How to Swim (A6) also looks good, especially with focus on young people.
  • Pg A10, Queen Formally Opens Britain’s Tallest Bridge, geography, math and engineering, plus a bit of competition for that -est title.
  • Great spread on A16, What They Saved: Treasures Plucked from a Hurricane. Easy to understand and discuss, makes the hurricane more real, plus goes well with Irma approaching.
  • Front page Apple Watch being used to steal pitching signals seems to have such great potential, but wasn’t as interesting as I hoped. May mention and see where it goes, if we have time.

My expected lineup: overview of dreamers, but larger discussion on the hurricanes, using treasures story as starting point.

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